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A Leader of the New Groove Jazz Directions in Contemporary Jazz :
Terje Lie available for Booking for Worldwide


The TERJE LIE Dossier

HOME BASE: Los Angeles, Southern California

INSTRUMENTS: Saxophone, Vocals

COLLEAGUES : Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Tony Moore, Darryl Williams, Jeff Olson, Ernest Tibbs, Jeff Richman

• Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach, CA
• Spaghettini, Seal Beach, CA
• John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Reno, NV
• Brea Jazz Festival, Brea, CA
• Mammoth Music & Wine Festival, Mammoth, CA
• Jazz Concert Series,
City of Manhattan Beach, CA
• Sawdust Art Festival, Laguna Beach, CA
• Shoreline Village Summer Concerts Series, Long Beach, CA
• Hip Kitty, Claremont, CA
• Rosalie & Alva Performance Gallery,
San Pedro, CA
• Miscellaneous venues touring Norway and Sweden

COLLABORATIONS : Recorded two albums with Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, and Tony Moore with extensive co-writing of material: “Urban Vacation” (2010) and “Bright Moments” (2014). These albums also feature musicians Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Novak, Lenny Castro, Michael Landau, Michael Thompson, Marlon McClain, Ernest Tibbs, Jeff Olson, Dwight Sills, and Jeff Richman.

Recorded album “Traveler” (2007) with David Garfield, Ernest Tibbs, and Jeff Olson.

- Latest release, album “Bright Moments”, produced by Jeff Lorber and Jimmy Haslip. First radio single from the album on the Billboard Top 30 August 2014.

- Album “Urban Vacation” in the running for Grammy nomination 2011.
Grant from the Norwegian State Fund for Performing Artists.

- Distinguished Creativity Award 2001 from College of the Arts, California State University, Long Beach, CA


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NAME : TCat Productions/Booking
PHONE : 310-734-2690
FAX : 310-734-2687

1732 Aviation Blvd., Suite 159
Redondo Beach, CA 90278


"Lots of BRIGHT MOMENTS to enjoy throughout! Bold moves from Terje Lie, we expect big things from this talent!" ~Jonathan Widran (, Jazziz Magazine, Music Connection, Wine and Jazz Magazine)

"Bright Moments should be a leading contender for album of the year. The best one-word review? Flawless!" ~Brent Black (Bop-N-Jazz/

"From the moment Terje Lie’s Bright Moments begins to play, it’s impossible to keep your face from grinning or your foot from tapping to the album’s spirited beats." ~Maria Miaoulis (

"Tasty and non-confrontational, see how long you can sit and listen to this before you realize you’ve been sitting there bobbing you head to the groove without even realizing it." ~Chris Spector (Midwest Record)

"Here, you’ll find clever timing, clever runs, clever melodies, and grooves that are nothing short of priceless.” “Lie has once again established himself with me as one of those who meticulously approaches this genre with both extreme fun and extreme seriousness to get the jazz groove to reside where it should in all jazzers – right where they live." ~Ronald Jackson (The Smooth Jazz Ride)

"This album has the potential for a money spinner. Contemporary jazz enthusiasts grab it!" ~Hans-Bernd Hulsmann (Starportrait)

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