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KRISTINE W - Straight Up With a Twist

Straight Up With a Twist
Fly Again Music

We all lit up around the Smooth studios when we first heard Kristine W’s “Feel What You Want.” The song exudes HOT… and rightly so, the effervescent Kristine W is one sizzling hot, jazzy, dance scene diva that currently holds the world’s record for Most Consecutive #1 Billboard Club Hits at 9! (Madonna and Janet Jackson each have had 7 in a row.) When the intoxicatingly beautiful Miss W decided that she wanted to expand her horizons and spin in the direction of jazz with not one, but two CDs (30 tracks) on STRAIGHT UP WITH A TWIST, her fans said, “Yes, please!” Disc 1 “Straight Up,” serves 15 songs (stunning covers and dazzling originals) in a jazz tumbler while Disc 2 “with a TWIST” offers another 15 tracks (some songs the same) that are swizzled for maximum movement while chilling. You’ve never heard Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” or the Romantics “What I Like About You” jazzed up like this! Kristine W’s brand of jazz is kissed with a twist! ~SANDY SHORE


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KRISTINE W - Straight Up With a Twist
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