LR-60 & Mr. MOODS - Cosmic Serenades


LR-60 & Mr. MOODS
Cosmic Serenades

Start with a dense sonic atmosphere… then layer it with textures of jazz and electronica… throw in some downtempo beats, erotic grooves and Skip Warren’s signature trumpet playing… this is COSMIC SERENADES, the latest sophisticated audio recipe from the sound kitchen of LR-60 & Mr Moods (Skip Warren and Christian Denis).

Chill out, relax and go deep with COSMIC SERENADES featuring 15 new tracks. The level of experimentation on this acid jazz journey is challenging, but with LR-60 & Mr Moods, often accessible, at least on a large handful of tracks. Accessible is probably the wrong word… let’s go with ‘within reach.’ Heady stuff here… both austere and passionate.

Our favorite tracks for SmoothLounge radio include the seductive “Deepest Soul,” the tribal “Tormented,” and the futuristic “Romantic Ride.” We appreciate the envelope pushing that takes place in the song writing chamber with these guys and remain excited by their creativity and depth… think Miles Davis meets Massive Attack. ~SANDY SHORE

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LR-60 & Mr. MOODS - Cosmic Serenades
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