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DTURNER - Sharing the Groove

Sharing the Groove
Sync Dreams

L.A.-based keyboardist and composer DTurner (aka Derek Turner) finds the heart in synthesized melodies on his captivating debut album, SHARING THE GROOVE. Raised on Gospel, D thrived in the genre while exploring his other musical loves over his 25 year career, including R&B, pop, hip hop and of course Smooth Jazz! Musical passion knows no boundaries or limitations and SHARING THE GROOVE is proof as it continues to gain success on radio worldwide! Often on the road with luminaries like Ronnie Laws, and his keyboard prowess in the studio, make him one of the top ‘go-to’ guys in the So Cal music scene. The multi-layered album, written, produced and performed by D, offers up soft grooves and lovely, classic melodies that are all keyboard driven. The standout Smooth Jazz track “Warm Breeze” has a stylistically nod towards Ramsey Lewis, yet remains totally original to the DTurner sound. Feeling the grooves here big time, from this exciting Smooth Jazzer! ~STEWART COXHEAD

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Warm Breeze (4:02)

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DTURNER - Sharing the Groove
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