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EDMUND SIMENTAL - Midnight Rendezvous

Midnight Rendezvous
Sub Zero Entertainment

Get ready for an exciting, enticing release from L.A. based sax man, flutist, keyboardist Edmund Simental. MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS is just as exotic and sensual as the title would imply, combining elements of contemporary Jazz, funk-infused R&B, and Latin Jazz in a most appealing concoction of smooth and funky grooves. From the sexy title track, featuring the sultry singing of Costie Payne, to the groove-laden “Saxofunk,” Mr. Simental’s music will carry you to a fresh, new dimension of musical pleasure. From high profile appearances at venues like The Monterey Jazz Festival, the Sahara in Las Vegas, and performances with names like Tower of Power and Jonathan Butler, to Hollywood gigs producing radio and TV jingles, Edmund has amassed an impressive resume. It all comes together in MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS, and we Smooth Jazz fans get to reap the benefits by taking the magical musical journey with Ed to his MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS! ~SCOTT O'BRIEN

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Mugen Nights (5:26)

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EDMUND SIMENTAL - Midnight Rendezvous
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