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EUGE GROOVE - S7ven Large

S7ven Large
Shanachie Records

If ever a review could write itself, this one for Euge Groove’s new album S7VEN LARGE would be it. After all, this guy’s incredible sax work has made him one of the top-selling artists in the Smooth Jazz genre for the past decade, not to mention his inspiring talent and relentless work ethic. The current single (title track) is racing up the charts… and lots of close friends pitched in on the project, like Paul Brown, Rick Braun, Peter White, Jeff Golub, and Gregg Karukas. It just doesn’t get any better than this. S7VEN LARGE is Euge at his absolute best and most creative; the consummation of an intense and focused 5 month personal journey. S7VEN LARGE features ten tracks in total, nine of which are original, along with a show-stopping version of the R&B classic “Love Won’t Let Me Wait.” Euge Groove delivers… this is fresh, dynamic and soulful… S7VEN LARGE is another slam dunk Euge Groove smash! ~SCOTT O'BRIEN

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EUGE GROOVE - S7ven Large
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