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EUGE GROOVE - Got 2 Be Groovin'

Got 2 Be Groovin'

Euge Groove’s funky stage name has adapted itself well to the soulful, funky vibe of his recordings, including GOT 2 BE GROOVIN’, his third album to cleverly incorporate some form of the word “groove” in the title. The concept adapts itself to several of the new collection’s songs as well: the buoyant R&B/jazz jam (and first single) “Got To Be Groovin’ (Good God! Father!)” and the late night seduction, “Groovin’ Up Hip Street.” The multi-saxman also makes it a family affair with loving winks to his wife (“Miss Bane”) and daughter (“Hey Hey Lil’ Lilah Belle”). Euge’s guest list includes familiar names like Peter White and Paul Brown and surprise vocalists Elliot Yamin (wringing every ounce of soul from the 70s classic “Wildflower”) and Chanel Haynes from Trin-i-Tee 5:7 on the passionate closer “In Love With You.” If you’ve GOT 2 BE GROOVIN’, check out Euge’s latest! ~JONATHAN WiDRAN

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Got 2 Be Groovin' (radio edit) (4:08)

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EUGE GROOVE - Got 2 Be Groovin'
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