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MELINA - Wishing On Love

Wishing On Love
Woodward Avenue Records

Meet Melina... A sweet, songbird from San Antonio! The beautiful, bluesy/jazzy emerging pop artist has teamed up with world-class producer, two-time Grammy-winner Paul Brown. The two have hit the mother lode with WISHING ON LOVE; fashionable vocals that are grounded in an earthy vibe. Exceptional producers know how to get to the heart of an artist and support their strengths… everything on this recording celebrates Melina as a vocalist. Simple, elegant production values boost Melina’s conviction of each song, including Brown’s pleasing guitar work. The first single, “Maybe Not Today” will grab you by your soul and pull you into Melina’s world. Other favorites include “Stay With Me Tonight,” the sophisticated cover of “Landslide” and the compelling title track, “Wishing On Love.” Welcome Melina… we have plenty of room for a sincere, smooth vocalist! ~SANDY SHORE

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Maybe Not Today (4:00)

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MELINA - Wishing On Love
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