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Edmund Simental | Midnight Rendezvous | Sub Zero Entertainment

An enticing release from L.A. based sax man, flutist, keyboardist Edmund Simental… MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS is as exotic and sensual as the title would imply,
combining elements of contemporary Jazz, funk-infused R&B, and Latin Jazz
in a most appealing concoction of smooth and funky grooves… a fresh,
new dimension of musical pleasure. ~SCOTT O'BRIEN

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New Music for Spring


Doo Bee Doo Bop

Just how smooth is bassist Alexander Boynton Jr? If his urban-infused, rich melodic grooves on DOO BEE DOO BOP are any indicator, we say he’s VELVET smooth! Supported by the best in the biz on his new release, produced by none other than the masterful Jeff Lorber and featuring him as well along with Paul Jackson, Jr, Rick Braun, Phil Perry, Jeff Golub and more! Based in Canada, the deep groovester has played and performed...


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REZA KHAN - A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan
Painted Media

Let me introduce you to an amazing musician and a new term I’ve discovered while reading about him. The musician… Bangladesh born and raised multi-instrumentalist / composer / producer Reza Khan; the term… “geo cultural.” With travels and experiences that have spanned oceans and continents, Reza has been inspired to integrate many different cultures into his deep love of music, and his latest project,...


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JACKSON RICE : The Firefly

The Firefly
Chapter One Music

This is an outstanding album of trumpet-driven Smooth Jazz from an amazingly talented and creative composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer from the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Jackson Rice. I’ve listened to THE FIREFLY over and over since I got my copy, and I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Jackson in person. He’s above all genuine… clearly putting his heart and soul into his composing, playing, and production. THE FIREFLY...


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PATRICK YANDALL - Acoustic Dreamscape

Acoustic Dreamscape
Zangi Records

Patrick Yandall is a guitarist’s guitarist… subtle, musical and technically brilliant. With an almost humble star quality that elevates him from the mix, Patrick’s talents also include production and arrangement and the amazing ability to play all the other instruments on the album. ACOUSTIC DREAMSCAPE, his fourteenth in a long line of masterful, smooth jazz guitar recordings from his homeland of ...


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