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Bobby Caldwell | House of Cards | Starmine Records

The legendary and super-sexy vocalist Bobby Caldwell is back with his first album of original tunes since 2005 with HOUSE OF CARDS, and you can bet the house that the wait was worth it! Like many of you, I first grooved to Caldwell with “What You Won’t Do for Love,” a radio staple and baby-makin’ fan favorite for more than 30 years now. That classic Caldwell sound is back on HOUSE OF CARDS, from the cool swing of the first single, “What About Me,” to the balladry of “Mazatlan” and the emotional sound of “Blue,” which boasts sax superstar Dave Koz. Showcasing Caldwell’s skills as a writer, performer and producer, HOUSE OF CARDS also offers two fresh country tunes—that’s right, country!—which Caldwell blends seamlessly into his suave style, as well as a fiery Tango that would fit perfectly on “Dancing With the Stars.” Caldwell now has more great songs to treat fans to during his amazing live shows, and you’ll want to add these 10 tracks to your collection! ~BRIAN SOERGEL

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New Music for Summer

JULIA HUFF - Meet Julia Huff

Meet Julia Huff

Do you yearn to hear more classic soul made popular by Anita Baker, Phyllis Hyman and Sarah Vaughan? You should get to know Julia Huff—and you will!—on MEET JULIA HUFF, a six-song album showcasing sexy vocals as real as her Chicago roots.
Huff is a multitalented stunner, a former model and stage actress whose CD debut is now drawing raves. You’ll know why when hearing "Who's Gonna Hold Me Now," the first single…


MIKE IAN - Big Bang Volume 2

Big Bang Volume 2

New Jersey based multi-instrumentalist Mike Ian has created musical brilliance in his brand new release, BIG BANG VOLUME 2, and I’m telling you right now… you will be blown away by the impeccable musicianship (most of it his) and production you’ll hear on this project. Are you into Chick Corea, or Dave Weckl, or Pat Metheny? If so, then Mike Ian’s music will totally captivate you. This album is dynamic, exciting, and totally addicting...


JOHANNES LINSTEAD - Tales of a Gypsy

Tales of A Gypsy
Earthscape Media

Remember when you first heard the gypsy-guitar sounds of Ottmar Liebert? I do, and I rushed right to pick up his CD! If you loved those sensual sounds—and those of chart-topping guitarist Jesse Cook—you’re going to absolutely love Johannes Linstead. The fiery and passionate rhythms of the Spanish guitar are fully realized on this exotic new album by the award-winning musician, who lays down an intoxicating mix of colorful world music sounds that truly come alive...


ED ROTH - Ed Roth

Ed Roth
Warrior Records

“Music needs to make the world a more beautiful place, but sometimes it’s gotta have some fire to it as well.” That’s a quote from L.A.-based keyboard virtuoso ED ROTH, whose debut self-titled album has indeed fired up Smooth Jazz radio as of late. After a successful run with his first radio single, “Summertime,” he’s taken a fresh, funky look at Ambrosia’s #1 hit, “Biggest Part of Me.” There’s plenty more to love about this album...


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