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Tues, September 27, 2011!

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Join's Sandy Shore, for the World Premier of Acoustic Alchemy's new release ROSELAND recorded on their own Onside Records and licensed to Heads Up International.
Sandy Shore, Co-founder/President

Nearly 25 years and 20 albums deep, Acoustic Alchemy's ROSELAND will be premiered this weekend with in studio guest, Acoustic Alchemy's Miles Gilderdale... Miles and Sandy track the 13-song project and premier this exciting, new musical journey from one of the cornerstone bands in contemporary jazz.

Hear the full album in advance of the release on Global Radio, Saturday, September 24th at 12pm and Sunday, September 25th at 10am Pacific Daylight Time.

World Premier with Sandy Shore
Saturday, Sept 24th : 12noon Pacific
Sunday, Sept 25th : 10am Pacific
exclusively on Global Radio


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