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FOURPLAY - Let's Touch the Sky



"Let's Touch the Sky"

Saturday, Oct 23rd + Sunday, Oct 24th

9 AM & 9 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Join host Carol Handley this coming weekend for an exclusive interview with all four members of Fourplay (Bob James, Nathan East, Harvey Mason, Chuck Loeb) as we debut the brand new recording LET'S TOUCH THE SKY.

Celebrating 20 years of making music together, each member of this legendary, jazz super group share their stories of band experiences, the journey thus far and the song writing and collaboration process on this, their 12th album to date.

You have FOUR opportunities to catch the Global premier of Fourplay's LET'S TOUCH THE SKY on Radio with exclusive interview features this Saturday and Sunday at 9 am and 9 pm PDT.

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FOURPLAY - Let's Touch the Sky
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