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MATT MARSHAK - urban Folktales

Join your host Carol Handley, for the World Premier of guitarist Matt Marshak's soon to be released URBAN FOLKTALES on Global Radio on Saturday, April 2nd at 12 Noon and Sunday morning at 10 AM Pacific Time!

One of the hottest new stars of Smooth jazz, Matt Marshak goes big on this 5th major release... the hip and cool URBAN FOLKTALES.

Carol will be chatting with Matt as we debut this exciting new release... don't miss it... the EXCLUSIVE world premier of Matt Marshak's URBAN FOLKTALES the weekend of April 2nd and 3rd only on Global Radio.

World Premier with Carol Handley
Saturday, April 2nd : 12noon PDT
Sunday, April 3rd : 10amPDT
exclusively on Global Radio


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Matt Marshak - URBAN Folktales

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MATT MARSHAK - Urban Folktales
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