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The Global Marketing Platform SmoothTravel by Global Radio Experience World Premier interviews and New Music Promos on our SoundCloud Channel Discover new music, artist interviews and SmoothTravel on SmoothTravel TV Get Music & Event Updates on Twitter Get Music & Event Features on FaceBook The Original JazzBlast brings the Music Store to the Industry and Audience - the #1 search for Smooth Jazz since 1995 FREE Mobile App available at iTunes APP Store FREE Mobile App available at GooglePlay Custom Music Player's Global Reach is Smart Money
Sandy Shore, President & Founder & Global Marketing is not Radio Promo
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Innovators Not Imitators & Return on Investment Vetting Your Marketing Team - Innovators NOT Imitators! Website Traffic Ranking Site Marketing Packages . MUSIC MARKETING . EVENT MARKETING . LIFESTYLE MARKETING Global Music Marketing Packages Global Event Marketing Packages Global Lifestyle Marketing Packages Download Songs or Albums from the iTunes Music Store Making Contact : The World is Listening

It takes a MAJOR Ad Budget to reach just one MAJOR U.S. Market via traditional media.
Go this route and ONE :60 sec radio commercial or ONE small print ad
will cost you more than a MONTH of Global Internet Marketing on

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Just how much has changed in the last decade?
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Importance of Branding
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Return on Investment
Vetting Your Team
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Sandy Shore, President & Founder,

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Sue 'Roxy' Parker

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Jamie Trent

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Esther Byrne

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Sandy Shore
President / CEO

California, USA

Sue "Roxy" Parker
Director of Marketing
and Promotions

California, USA

Jamie Trent
Global Music
Marketing Strategist

California, USA

Esther Byrne
Event Marketing
Travel Coordinator

Dublin, Ireland

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We’ve built a new media platform around a sophisticated lifestyle to level the playing field and push beyond the limitations of terrestrial radio, irrelevant print and stale television to reach people where they live… On-line! Since we debuted on the air in 2000, we’ve developed a rich, emotional connection with our Global audience of millions through consistency, commitment and passion.

Our artful mix blends format stars with new discoveries from all over the world. Additional on-air features include exciting, travel spotlights focusing on sponsored events, as well as our exclusive World Premiers and Interviews, while our website hosts the #1 Smooth Jazz music store in the world, the Listening Loft, plus weekly Top 50 Industry Charts (sanctioned by the GAVIN Smooth Jazz Album Chart in 2000).

Add our social networking expertise, and subscriber list and we’ve created a Global marketplace of consumers, offering you the largest, gathered on-line community of jazz enthusiasts in the world, thanks to’s brand recognition and heritage!



People shop for music on-line, as well as travel, and lifestyle products and services! Internet or "Global Radio" puts the music and message directly in front of the listeners.

Airplay alone doesn’t sell music,’s Global Music Marketing packages and advertising campaigns will bring you out of the mix and into the global spotlight through our Click-To-Buy opportunities including radio commercials that display visual graphics while they air with links to purchase from our Website, Pop-Up Playlist and Mobile Radio App, as well as custom-designed banners, email JazzBlasts that feature embedded media (video and/or audio) and integrated social networking publicity. Global Radio creates community, loyalty and opportunity!



Budgets may be limited, but innovation need not be lacking. Reach your audience where they live… on-line! In the past it was necessary to build your brand by purchasing advertisement on various radio stations, print publications and television outlets, often making marketing too expensive to budget for.

Today we have a Worldwide Marketplace available at our fingertips; the most cost-effective and comprehensive way to attract new customers and clients is by strategically marketing globally! Your product, service or event is desirable to our upscale audience of consumers who appreciate music, have funds to travel and enjoy the finer things in life, so speak to them!



With 35 years in the music industry… she is passionate about the ‘Art of Radio’ and always has been. Shore says, “I knew I wanted to be on the air when I was just 8 years old… I carried a transistor radio around with me everywhere I went.

I honestly think I willed the iPhone into existence with my dreams of music and technology back the 70’s!” The California radio personality turned concert promoter and Internet Radio pioneer has worked for KTWV, The Wave in Los Angeles, KKSF in San Francisco, KWIZ and KWVE in Orange County, KPIG, KXDC, CD93, KMBY and KWAV in Monterey and has produced world-class events including Concerts by the Bay at the Monterey Plaza Hotel featuring hundreds of world renown musicians including Diana Krall, Fourplay, Dave Koz, Tower of Power, Michael Franks, Boney James, Bobby Caldwell, and Jonathan Butler; Jazz on the Meadows with legends Tony Bennett and George Benson at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley and the Indian Summer Music Festival introducing Chris Botti at Seascape Resort in Aptos. Sandy Shore has been committed to not only keeping contemporary jazz alive when FM radio gave up on the format, but to pushing it into the new millennium by developing new artists around the world and nurturing a Global community of enthusiasts!

Contact Sandy Shore .Contact Sandy Shore. Meet the Smooth Crew



Concord Records, Shanachie Entertainment, Columbia Records and others partner with to offer their biggest jazz and crossover releases the opportunity to receive exclusive advance airplay in full album presentation, several days before release date, with artists in-studio taking the listener on a track by track, behind-the-scenes adventure… delivering worldwide exposure and excitement resulting in increased advance sales through on-line distribution! Global is the world’s headquarters for the newest releases first. Be part of the excitement by affiliating your brand with the biggest names in Smooth Jazz and Adult Contemporary!



For more than a dozen years, recording and touring artists have been asking us for help to expand their audience and fan base through our network - We've listened and have created the tools, including electronic music delivery to the reporting radio panel via our Radio GreenStream JazzBlasts along with an Independent Chart dedicated to unsigned artists so that radio can discover new music along with detailed accurate airplay tracking included in your marketing campaign, as well as Booking Blasts sent directly to talent buyers worldwide with updated data for follow up, professional graphic design and imaging, music reviews posted at on-line distribution outlets and world-class radio production.



Facebook and Twitter are the ‘new radio’ in a way… delivering immediate news and information about you, your product or service. If you are not on these platforms you are missing the most palpable and direct access to consumers, as well as to generating new fans! Global has more than 30,000 Friends and Followers along with 50,000 Subscribers that are very active in Social Media around the world and eager to discover your music, event or product! Please find us on and @SmoothJazzRadio



No marketing offers guarantees, however, you can build your brand globally with confidence as on-line marketing is more accountable than antiquated media archetypes due largely to on-line, Click-To-Buy opportunities yielding instantaneous, measurable income as well as analytics and metrics that may be monitored by the advertiser in real time! Buying advertising the old way (radio, print and TV) is not only cost-prohibitive, but it’s also not effective.
We make it possible for artists, labels, event promoters, the travel industry, as well as upscale lifestyle products and services to reach a worldwide audience with millions of jazz enthusiasts and sophisticated consumers at one on-line marketplace! Bundled marketing packages save you money and offer you the highest return on our advertising dollars!

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In a perfect world, the budget would allow for both Global Music Marketing and Branding AND radio promotion… however, when choosing between the two, it is important to understand the difference. Radio promotion is 100% focused on obtaining radio airplay from individual radio stations - you pay promoters to call on radio programmers on your behalf with no guarantees that you’ll receive airplay and if you do, there are no guarantees you will sell music since radio rarely mentions artist names during airplay.

Global Music Marketing was created by the founders of Global to pick up where record companies left off with Artist Development - It’s important in all stages of an artist’s career regardless if you're on your first recording or you're an icon. Your music is your brand and in order to really make a splash inside the music industry, your brand requires consistent exposure, year after year, recording after recording. Music Marketing will help you not only with airplay (you’ll receive immediate charting on our Radar Chart), but will develop your career through consumer-targeted branding that will help you start selling your music immediately!

9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist


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Around The Horn
CD Cover
When I Look At You
A Song For Lovers... feat Darryl Fitzgerald Walker & Tony Neenan
Music City Jazz Festival
Music City Jazz Festival
May 25-27, 2017
Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN
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