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SmoothJazz Global Creative Services - Studio & Audio Production IT’S WHO YOU KNOW…

SmoothJazz Global is connected to some of the most talented recording artists and producers in the world. We pride ourselves on our relationships and extend our connections to our clients.

Team up with Grammy-award winners and create the best possible, radio-friendly song(s) or album. Collaborate with a chart-topping Smooth Jazz icon or have one of your favorites guest on your next single album!

From in-house radio edits with sophisticated fades to clever re-mixes, we can help you achieve success and make your dreams come true!




CUSTOM RADIO EDIT (Sandy Shore) - $200/Song BUY : Custom Radio Edit (Sandy Shore)

CUSTOM RADIO MIX OR RE-MIX (Paul Brown) : $500 - $1,000/Song

Email Sandy Shore
GUEST STAR SOLOISTS (Chart-topping Recording Artists) - Starting at $1,000/Song Email Sandy Shore

FULL SERVICE STUDIO PRODUCTION (Recording, Engineering & Mastering) – Starting at $2,500/Song

Email Sandy Shore


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