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Monterey Bay

Where to Go
Where to Go

Bold with rugged beauty... the Monterey Bay is home to the world-famous Aquarium, Fisherman’s Wharf, John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row... all of which are focused around one of the deepest underwater canyons in the world. Rich with kelp forests, whales, otters, sea lions, dolphins and a host of other creatures, some still undiscovered, the Monterey Bay Sanctuary is a the centerpiece of our area.

The lifestyle is relaxed Central California Coastal, with easy access to beaches and recreation. While the Pacific keeps the coast chilled, a 15-minute day trip inland reveals a valley region bursting with grapevines, lush landscapes and warm sun.

Nightlife begins around 7pm and is focused around our flavorful gastronomy which consists of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine highlighting locally grown fruits, vegetables, free range meats, fresh seafood from the Bay and world-renown local wines.

Fall is a time of celebration, with warm, sunny days and crisp, cool nights… queue Indian Summer and get ready for the Monterey Jazz Festival the longest running jazz festival in the U.S.

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