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Seabreeze Jazz Festival : Panama City Beach FL

Where to Go
Where to Go

New Orleans Jazz Fest Weekend
April 2010

The Jazz freak flag flies freely in New Orleans... spent the week leading up to the 2010 Jazz & Heritage Festival on the streets of NOLA discovering the most amazing music, food, drink and unique people! Jazz... short for that "Jezebel music," fills the restaurants, bars, homes and corner stores of this history-soaked southern city.

We filled our days with beneighs and sightseeing, and our nights with strolling the French Quarter... even took some time in the lower 9th Ward where homes are slowly being restored after Hurricane Katrina and despite that the people were warm and welcoming to us with sincere smiles and hospitable waves!

There's no place in the world like New Orleans... it's French, it's Southern, it's Jazz... Enjoy!

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