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Andy Scott

Andy Scott

Andy Scott

Your outstanding new project, DON'T TEMPT FATE is a bit of a departure from your earlier, less acoustic and under-stated work. How did this change of direction for you come about?

This direction came about after visiting with Chet Baker and touring with Madeleine Peyroux

Getting the great Madeleine Peyroux to record with you on this album was a coup. How did her involvement come about?

Well, while I couldnt persuade madeleine to produce the record, she did introduce me to Sam Yahel and Jon Herington, both of whom play with her and also performed on my project. I asked Madeleine to play some acoustic guitar, as she is a great guitarist and she brought her ukele along as well, so we recorded both instruments . I think she liked being a session "cat," so with all respect and humility i asked Madi if she would sing on a song and the proof is in da puddin'! I must say that I am thrilled with Madeleine's work and input on this record.

You've recorded in the past under the name "Goat." Could you fill us in on the story behind that name?

I worked at Thistledown horse racetrack as a teenager in Cleveland and my first day with the maintainence crew didnt go so well. I was dared by these juvenile and not so juvenile delinquents to get into a corral with an untethered goat. It was a cold and rainy day and this goat knocked me all over the place and after I dragged myself out of the corral covered in everything you could imagine I went after these pranksters and lost the fight. Of course they started calling me "goat." I spoke with my dad about the incident as he couldn't help but notice my condition when I got home... he advised me to go after the biggest guy if they teased me the next day. When the first guy teased me I threw him off the back of the pick-up truck we all rode around in! It bought me some personal space, and the name stuck.

What event or perhaps music you heard early in your life launched your desire and intention to be a musician/entertainer?

My father took me to a club when I was just a kid and we heard Joe Turner... I thought this was very cool. Also, my grandparents had a player piano that I was fascinated with and not making the school choir kinda gave me the drive to strive ...

Your father, Al Rosen, was an incredibly successful major league baseball player. He played his whole career in the majors with the Cleveland Indians, but has subsequently worked with several other organizations. So, what's your and his favorite team now?

I stand steadfast by the Brazilian Women's Volley Ball team... and the New York Yankees!

Your father's been quoted as saying that the biggest thrill in the world is hitting a walk-off home run. In your music career, what would you consider to be the equivalent of a walk-off homer?

Well this is a hard question. After all it aint over and there is more to come so looking back is impossible at this point. I think this new record is pretty close to that walk off home run you refer to... of course this will be decided by the listeners!

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