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Lisa McClowry

Lisa McClowry

Lisa McClowry

What elements do you look for in a song that makes it especially satisfying for you to perform?

Being a singer first, I am attracted to a great lyric. Not every song I sing has to serve a greater purpose or be rich in emotional content but it sure helps. I naturally lean towards the deep end when it comes to song subject, but I look for relief in something with a slithery R&B groove or a catchy beat. If you add “sensual” and “honest” to the recipe, chances are I’d find it most satisfying.

At what point in your life did you make the decision to become a professional musician and actually record your own albums?

When the excitement of performing music surpassed my interest in playing sports, I knew I’d found love. I was age 15 when I made the decision to sing for my profession. I played piano as a kid and loved creating my own melodies and writing lyrics, but when I got the opportunity to sing with a live band, that’s what set my heart in motion. Although I had written and recorded my own music early on, my first “album” was recorded years later when I was offered a record deal at a small jazz label.

What is your musical vision or mission statement?

My mission statement is to give back something positive everyday. I look for ways to stay inspired, and helping others to become empowered and hopeful brings me to life. My underlying musical vision is the same. I am by no means a "Mary Poppins" type, unrealistically seeing the world as a "spoon full of sugar". I simply choose to focus on the good things and try to make the world a better place one conversation at a time, one song at a time.

Any words you live by?

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Some may see this as a bit reckless but I see it as an opportunity for growth. I'd rather ride life's roller coaster - ups and downs, than to feel nothing at all. Life is simply too short and precious to let moments go by unnoticed.

Do you have a favorite cut from your new album, “Time Signatures?”

“When It Comes From the Heart” is among my favorites because it feels so good to sing and the message is powerful. The afternoon Jim Peterik and I sat down to write this song, we knew we had something special. The chorus lyric is, “When it comes from the heart, it goes to the heart. It’s the chill we feel when the moment is real. So we give to receive. I will always believe life is a work of art when it comes from the heart.” The song speaks for itself and I find it one of the most rewarding moments in my live performances.

If you weren’t a singer/songwriter, what career path might you have taken?

While studying music in college, I also had a profound interest in psychology. If it wasn’t for music, I would have stayed on the path to becoming a psychologist. I have always been intrigued by what makes people tick. In addition, I would enjoy being an author of books with a mind, body, spirit theme.

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Smooth/Contemporary Jazz Artist, Composer, Producer
Cancun Jazz Festival
Warren Hill's Cancun Jazz Festival
AUG 31 - SEPT 3, 2017
Hard Rock Hotel - Riviera Maya - Mexico
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