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 Uncle Los Music

 Uncle Los Music

 Uncle Los Music

How did this new album and overall concept for it come about, and what are your ultimate goals with it?

I had done a couple of studio projects with other groups that I played with in the past. I always knew I wanted to go into the studio myself and try to put things down the way I heard it in my head. This project is an attempt to capture that emotional content that you can only find in a live recording. I just want to give the music the chance to be heard and hopefully people will be moved.

What elements do you look for in a song that makes it especially satisfying for you to perform?

I always enjoy writing and performing tunes that are rhythmically interesting with a catchy melodic hook. Particular tunes that take you some place that you didn’t expect to go. I’m a strong believer that people should be able to whistle the melody.

If you were to choose to learn a new instrument that you’ve never played before, what instrument might that be?

I would like to learn how to play the cello. It is such a haunting instrument that really speaks to my soul every time I hear it. Plus I think Yo -Yo Ma is pretty cool.

Going back in your life as far as you can remember, what song or performance is the first you recall hearing and being affected by?

I was 8yrs old it was the morning after my parents 15th wedding anniversary party. I was too young to attend but I remember hearing all the music through my bedroom door. I woke up early and snuck into the old 8- track player where it had Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going on” all cued up. I turned it down low and listened to it non-stop until I got busted. It completely blew my mind and I was never the same.

When the times arise for you to give back for the success and abundance you enjoy, what kinds of opportunities do you look for?

I try to find ways to help enrich public school education. Particularly relating to increasing access to music in schools for instruction and appreciation. Every child should have the opportunity to learn how to play some type of instrument. I think some how that has been lost recently.

What aspect of the creative process, from concept to market, do you personally find to be the most rewarding?

I enjoy the entire creative process but what I really dig is that moment in the studio that is completely unscripted. When something magical happens and you have no idea where it came from. To be lucky enough to capture those moments on tape is what its all about.

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DEC 17, 2016
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