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 Cabo Frio

 Cabo Frio

 Cabo Frio

(Curtis Kendrick answers for Cabo Frio)

What are Cabo Frio's plans for the future?

Our main focus for the next few years is to bring Cabo back to the forefront of our genre of music by continuing to produce good music, having quality recordings made and performing for our fans.

Are you back in the studio?

Yes. We are back in the studio now preparing the recordings for our 2007 releases. We plan to release two albums next year.

Looking forward to touring?

We are very much looking forward to touring and spreading our music once again to our fans across the country and abroad. Touring gives us a chance to meet new people and develop relationships with other recording artists in our genre of music. It's been a long time since Cabo Frio has done an extensive tour, but we owe it to the loyal fans that have supported us for three decades. Touring to us is like an extended vacation.

What is the songwriting process?

Songwriting is a ongoing process that is always evolving. We may come up with a melody first, and work with that for a while trying many different combinations of phrasing for that particular melody. Then we come up with a groove that we feel works well with it. We will use the same process for all the other sections until the arrangement is complete. I will play that arrangement over and over until it's ready for the band to rehearse and prepare the songs for recording. I write most of the songs and that's what works well for me. I believe this is what works best for other writers as well. However, playing live is the best way to find out what songs your fans will like or not like. We use live performances, on occasion, to test certain songs out. We once had a standing joke about The Cabo Frio Top Ten Chart. We would play different members' songs on gigs and sometimes the songs I wrote bombed with the audience.

What artist or artists have been influential to the band's career?

Spyro Gyra was a big influence to Cabo Frio back in the 80's because they really opened people up to this style of jazz at that time. Our musical styles were very similar and that really helped Cabo Frio develop an audience initially. Cabo Frio and Spyro Gyro were label mates on the MCA Record label for three years.

The Yellow Jackets were an influence to Cabo Frio in the aspect of teaching us how to present our music in an artistic and somewhat complex way without going too commercial. We were also label mates with the Yellow Jackets at MCA for three years. When we played with them on shows, it was both a pleasure and a learning process for us.

Jeff Lorber influenced all of the band members writing styles. The first time we performed with Jeff Lorber we were blown away by the way he constructed his melodies with the driving rhythm section. We're still influenced by his style today.

Is there a certain place you find inspirational to your music?

Yes, in the dungeon...

Is there a song you wish you had written?

Of course. Every writer would love to have a song go Multi-Platinum. And, there have been many of those. It's just hard to pick one because I love a lot of songs that people have written over the years.

Finish this sentence: The best way to wind down after a performance is...

To go back to my hotel room and order a large pizza with onions and put on an old western and relax. That's living large.

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